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My name is Kyan Rowse I am studying a Associate Degree of Audio Production at SAE Melbourne. I am currently in Tri 2, due to complete August 2020. Through this refection I will summarise my experience at SAE so far. 


My studies at SAE has allowed me to collaborate with people from a wide range of disciplines. I have gone from being a beginner audio engineer to understanding basic audio terms and learned how to use multiple audio software such as Pro Tools, Ableton, FMOD, Unity and Unreal Engine. As well use professional audio equipment such as microphones and consoles. I have taken initiative and secured a job at an Audio Visual Company called Audio Visual Dynamics as a casual. I have tried to exceed expectations on my projects as I'm not just contempt with getting a pass. I want to put in as much work as I possibly can to get a high grade. There have been some things I thought I would struggle with such as oral presentations, I feel I am growing my pubic speaking skills with each project and that maybe one day I could speak in front of a large crowd or teach a class. In terms of what I could do better these past 2 Tri's. I feel I could of asked for more feedback on my projects during Tri1. At the end of Tri 1, I noted this is my final reflection and throughout Tri 2 I have made sure to ask for more feedback regarding my projects. 

From studying Audio production at SAE I have been able to explore multiple careers, before starting at SAE I had somewhat of an interest in doing game audio. Over the mid Tri brake, I attended the SAE game jam and worked with a team to create a game in 48hrs, this was a great experience and I made some good contacts and friends. During Tri 2 I was recommended as a sound designer for a Tri 3 game project by Steven whom I had worked with on the game Jam. This project was lots of fun and I learned many new skills. I ended up working on another project as well after I showed some my portfolio work to a friend who is a game design student at SAE. Working on these projects has increased my interested in pursuing a career in-game audio.    


Going into the next Trimester I want to continue to work on lots of projects and hone my skills. I want to continue working for Audio Visual Dynamics with the aim of one day possibly working full time. To do this I will need to up-skill myself so that I am qualified enough by the time I graduate from SAE. This will require me to push myself in my studies at SAE and also to apply deliberate practice in improving my skills. I am very excited for next Trimester and look forward to learning new skills and improving my current skills.

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