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  • Kyan Rowse

Sound Alike - Drum Session

Role Summary - Engineer

Engineers are the overseers in the studio. They're there to take charge and delegate tasks to those working alongside. They're in charge of maintaining the equipment.

• Summarise your role. Did you have to learn any new skills?

My role for the drum session was Engineer, my main job was to manage the operation of the console which was the large Audient console. I was confident going into the session as I have a fair amount of experience with the smaller Audient consoles so using a bigger one was easy. Traditionally Engineers are the main leaders in a session they organize the session and delegate tasks. As my experience is quite low in this area I did less of this and relied more on my lecturer initialy.

I feel though that everyone in the team brought something to the table and stepped up and did their job. Everyone was the leader in this session we worked very well as a team and colectively made decisions. The main skills I learned were associated with critical listening, learning to listen out for poor quality tones from the various parts of the drum kit. I also learned some good problem-solving skills in relation to achieving different tones from a drumkit.

• How did you contribute to the running of the session...

I feel I contributed well, I mainly worked using the console but I also worked with my group and discussed various aspects such as drum tone and quality of mics. If one of my teammates needed help in their area I was quick to give them a hand. I feel I showed good teamwork skills throughout our session.

Session Images

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