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Song Analysis - The Stone Roses - I wanna be adored

For the SoundAlike project for AUD210 my group is doing the song I wanna be adored by the Stone Roses.

BPM: 112 Time Signature: 4/4

Occasionally slight tempo changes throughout the song from 112 to 114.


Intro - 25 Bars


-Sound of Guitar strings out of tune

-Sounds of a violin bow against Guitar strings

-Synthy sounds

-Bass fades in then drums then followed by a guitar melody, then rest of the instruments. come in

-1.27 Sharp snare comes in, then big rift from guitar takes off.

-Reverb on Guitar

-Gated reverb on Snare

Verse 1 - 4 Bars

Vocals - Lots of Reverb

Vocals sound casual, but have a message.

Chorus - 4 Bars

Verse 1 - 4 Bars

Chorus - 4 Bars

Bridge - 6 Bars

Large Bridge that builds up to the ending chorus.

Chorus - 10 Bars

Chorus picks up in intensity and leads into the Outro.

Outro - 6 Bars

Panned Instruments


High hats



Centre Instruments




It starts off slow then slowly picks up pace.

Harmonythe individual chords as well as the overall chord progression

E Minor Chords

A four-bar G-D-G-D-EM Chord progression


The rhythm starts slow and builds up over the length of the song. Song has a chill, almost stoner like feel to it.

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