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Remix - Lofi Hip Hop

So far I have researched various electronic music artists that specialize in Lofi Hip hop. Now I want to give it a go myself. My goals are to use a jazz song and remix it into a Lofi hip hop song. I will be using a Jazz song called Make me a Memory that I was provided by my papa(grandpa), he is the guitarist in the song and he mixed the final mix.

The song has a good range of instruments but I will mainly be using the Sax, Guitar, and Keys. My inspiration will come from artists such as Nujabes and Plasma. I have worked out the key of the song which ranges from C to G, after asking my papa he told me it was G but that it does change occasionally. Knowing the key will help me greatly when I start to add chord progressions to my mix using Analog or Operator.

Then I will begin to create a basic drum beat with high hats. And later I will sample some of the Sax and match the guitar and keys to the beat. I will build a soundscape of ambiance from rain, trains and record hiss and make sure of plugins such as Izotope vinyl to give the track an old school vibe.

To help me on my Lofi Journey I have been referring to some YouTubers. Links below.

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