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MultiMedia Project - Plan

For this project, my group and I will be working together to create SFX and music for the Ghost of Tsushima Trailer. We will also be helping each other in regard to our individual animations and adverts/jingles.



As this very much focused around post audio production we will need to do some research on how to use the DAW we have chosen for this. I already have extensive experience doing this from the last tri in AUD180 where I worked with Guy and Nyle to do sound design for a blade runner scene.

Other research points will be related to the creation of certain sounds and also music. The game is set in feudal japan so the music will need to reflect that. The research will also need to be done surrounding the settings and themes of our animations and Adverts.


For the Trailer, I have used pro tools to spot where SFX, music, and ambiance need to go. For our project, we have decided that I will be the one to manage the pro tools project, once people have done music or sound effects I will sync it all in the pro tools project.

Pro Tools Project with markers

I have also created an asset management document that will be used to track who is doing what and what tasks have been completed.

Assets Management


For the Trailer, we have put together a simple plan for when different parts of the trailer need to be complete.

The Trailer is around 5mins long which is quite long for a trailer. But I feel with the experience that we all have we should be able to complete the project on time. As long as we have a clear plan and everyone does their work.

To make sure we are on track to complete everything we will have weekly meetings via Discord where we will use voice chat and the go-live feature to share our progress. Communication will be key to us completing this project.

All of the mixing will be done in Pro Tools. I plan to use Ableton and pro tools for creating sound effects.


For the animation, I have chosen to do the sci-fi hallway.

Sci-fi Hallway

I have already contacted the artist via discord and discussed the project. I plan to do a synth-wave/dubstep style track as I feel it will fit the setting quite well, the artist is fine with this style, I sent him some example tracks via discord.

I plan to have a draft track for the artist by the end of week 10, and then the final by the end of week 11. I will be communicating with the artist via discord through-out the creation of the track. For mixing, I will be mainly using Ableton.


For my advert, I have chosen the Mr. Bean Snickers add.

The music for this add is very oriental-themed as the film is set in feudal China. The original track uses tribal drums, so I plan to find some samples of this style of drum and use them to build my own drumbeat. I have done some research into some Asian instruments such as the Erhu and Koto.



I feel these instruments will complement the drumbeat and work well for emotional scenes.

The Advert is also in Chinese, I can speak Chinese at an elementary level and Eric is Native Chinese so between us we will cover all the voice work needed.

My plan is to have my advert/jingle completed by the end of week 10. For mixing, I plan to use Pro Tools and music creation Ableton.

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