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Multimedia Reflection

Updated: May 11, 2020


Copyright detail: This is an educational piece, rights belong to Sucker Punch Productions


For the Trailer my group and I were very organized from the start we set out a clear plan I made up an audio asset list so that we could track whos doing what and if the sound had been made and implemented into pro tools. I also set up some markers in pro tools to mark sound effects and music then created a spotting list to reference these. We also had regular discord meetings almost every week just to touch base and see where everyone is at.


For this project, we decided to challenge ourselves with the dialogue of the original trailer in English and occasionally Mongolian. We decided to try and dub the whole thing in Chinese eric and I would do some of the voice-overs. In the trailer, there is a narrator that speaks and carries the story on for this voice-over eric commissioned a professional Chinese voice actor who recorded the voicer in his own studio and sent it to us. The Narrator voice over I feel is really high quality and I glad we went with a professional for that. With this project to try and record as much of the sounds ourselves as possible. In the planning stage, we also made a shared google drive to put sound effects and foley that we had made.

Foley we recorded was:

  • Fabric moving in the wind

  • body impacts

  • sword unsheathing

  • Wind blowing

  • Footsteps

Lots of the sounds I used were also recordings from my sound library that I had recorded myself or with peers at SAE during the previous tris such as:

  • Bow drawing

  • Metal clangs

  • flesh/guts

  • Ambiance

Sound Design

Form some of the sounds layered multiple sounds to create what I was looking for. For the sword sound effects. I layered some woosh sound that eric and I had recorded and some knife clang sounds from my sound library plus some fleshy sounds I had recorded with Nyle last Trimester.

The Bow sound was also made like this I used a leather wallet sound that I recorded with Nyle last Trimester for another project to make the drawing of the bow sound. I put this with some whoosh sounds a foley sound I downloaded off Freesound of a bowstring releasing.

An issue I ran into after mixing for a bit was that I was being a bit messy with my tracks there were clips all over the place, so before doing effects such as reverb and processing such as EQ, I decided to tidy up the project.

I bussed groups of related tracks into AUX tracks and made reverb sends for dialogue and foley and color-coded the tracks. By the time I had done this Guy was ready to merge the music with the sound effects. So I sent him the project and he started on the final mix.

Organized Pro Tools Projects

Copyright credits

All downloaded sounds where downloaded from Freesound and come under creative commons. (See credits below)

Final Product

In retrospect, I feel we did a good job with the trailer we had good communication. I feel that some of the sound effects I made could have been better such as the sword impacts I really struggled to make them sound impactful. Initial I found it hard to find good footstep sounds so I decided that it would be better recording our own. So Eric I and went to the studio for that and used SAEs foley boxes. We ended up with some really nice footstep sounds as we were were able to get exactly what we wanted instead of scouring free sound for the perfect fitting sound.


Animation by Sid

For the animation, I did a different project that was listed on the AUD210 animation projects page as I knew one of the animators from working with him in CIU210.

With this project I wanted to try making a Synthwave track as its a genre, I enjoy listening to and it would allow me to explore using tools such Analog some more. Before starting I did some research on Synthwave I listened to some tracks as inspiration and watched some tutorial videos.


Initially, I struggled a bit to make a simple beat or get a synth line happening I opened the project a couple of times then closed it in anger. Eventually, I had another go, I found a good YouTube tutorial. I made my own analog patch and then I copied the melody from the tutorial.

Tutorial on Chords

Then I modified it to my liking and to suit the video. I then made my own synth chord to accompany the melody and drive the song. I used some of the techniques I learnt from making the melody with this too. After my main synth line was pretty decent I added some more melodies and a drumrack. I added some city atmosphere to the start and police siren that leads into the main chords. I also added a Haas effect to some of my synth patches to add more spread to the overall mix. I sent my first draft to the animator and he was happy with it.

Synth Patch



After receiving some feedback from nick, I realized there were some areas that really needed to be improved. Nick suggested I play with the cutoff envelope for my analog patch and the sustain time plus to also add a baseline. With a bit of help from nick eventually, I got all this done. I went further and also added some automation to the resonance of the main synth line to make it sound more dynamic and less repetitive.

Resonance Automation & Bass Line

Copyright credits

All downloaded sounds where downloaded from Freesound and come under creative commons. (See credits below)

Final Product

In retrospect, something I would have done better was ask for help sooner as I feel I could have made fewer mistakes early on.


Copyright detail: This is an educational piece, rights belong to AMV BBDO.

For my Jingle I chose the Mr Bean snickers advert. This trailer was in Chinese partly so I decided it would be a good challenge to get the dialogue right. Eric one of my group members speaks fluent Chinese and I have been learning Chinese for the past year so I was confident I could do some of the vocals myself. We booked the studies I did the narrator and the character that helps Mr bean onto the roof, eric did Mr bean. It was a fun experience recording the vocals.

Mr Bean Snickers add Vocal Recording

For the music, I used some Japanese drum performances and sampled parts of the drumkit. I put the sampled drums into my own drumkit and made my own drum beat. I also used a sample of a Chinese instrument called the erhu, plus a Japanese flute sound. Using these samples worked really well with the setting. I also really enjoyed trying this style of music, it was a good challenge.

Drum Rack

One of my drum beats

For sound effects and foley, I used a combination of my own recordings and creative commons sounds from Freesound. Some of the sounds I recorded where fabric moving, I used a pillowcase and a recording I did last try of my jacket.

One of the biggest challenges I had with this project was getting my video settings right in Pro Tools. Starting off I did everything that I had done with previous multimedia projects I had done such as setting the frame rate to match the video.

I noticed some odd things while initial working the project where stuff would go out of sync depending if I played the video from the start and all my exports were out of sync. I asked my friend and classmate Nyle to have a look but he couldn't it out. I scoured forums and tried multiple solutions to no prevail. I sent my lectures an email and eventually got a solution by Adam Quaife that fixed my problem. The metadata for the video clip was displaying wrong the video was not 25p it 29.97, after I made this change my issue was fixed.

This allowed me to finally finish my project. In retrospect, I should have asked for help sooner with this issue as then I wouldn't have spent so much time troubleshooting and been able to spend more time on the project.

Copyright credits

All downloaded sounds where downloaded from Freesound and come under creative commons. (See credits below)

Final Product

Overall I am quite happy with the end product I applied some of the feedback I received in class and tried to make the sound effects more impactful and sit in the environment better, I played with EQ on the music to make the drum hits more noticeable and impactful. I also used some EQ automation on the dialogue to make it sound less studio and give the distance to the dialogue. I hope to work on more projects like this next trimester as well. I feel that with music production especially I am getting better and better.

EQ Automation

Snickers Add Pro Tools Project

Freelance work

Game Production by Radical Games

This tri I worked on a VR game as the Technical Sound Designer, this meant I was in charge of implementing all the sound and music by the sound designer and music composer into the game and making decisions on what sounds where needed to enhance the gameplay. For a full breakdown of this work see my Freelance Blog.

Multimedia Company Website

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