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Electronic Music Genre - Lofi Hip-Hop

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Lof-fi hip-hop is a polymorphic genre, it borrows from others genres such as jazz, synthwave, city pop and vaporwave and is heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli soundtracks. In short Lofi hip-hop can be described as relaxing, calming and good study music. Most tracks don't feature in lead vocals but instead use vintage audio recordings or the sound of record noise and scratching. Sometimes rain and fire ambience is added. Currently 24hour YouTube streams featuring lofi hip-hop artist have been very popular.

(Redmond Bacon, 2018)

Example: Relative Timebomb by plusma

In this short blog I also want to highlight the work of Nujabes who was one of the fist pioneers in this genre. He is most known for his work on the Samurai Champaloo Anime Series where he worked with rapper "Fat Jon" who later went onto further the genre more. Unfortunately he died of car accident in 2010. But his work has gone onto influence lofi-fi hip-hop artists. (Redmond Bacon, 2018)

One of the most influential things Nujabes did was put the beat ahead of the vocals, this makes the beats the main focus of the tracks. The perfect example of this is the song Battlecry.

In terms of my own music production I want to try my hand at lofi hip-hop as its a genre I enjoy listening to. The skills I can gain from working with this genre will defiantly be useful to me for further my creative toolkit.


Redmond Bacon. (2018, October 6). 10 Lo Fi Artists You Should Listen To | Hip Hop | Soundontime. Retrieved February 9, 2020, from Soundontime website:

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