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Electronic Music Artist- Disasterpeace.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Disasterpeace (Richard Vreeland) is a composer from New York. He started out making Chip tune music and has since moved into creating orchestral scores for video games and movies. He is well known for his work on the movie "It Follows" and the 8bit Style video game Hyper light drifter.

In a interview he talks about how he had a very musical childhood and that he transitioned from using instruments to using digital instruments as it allowed him to create more interesting sound and also to produce music quicker. Lucas Negroni interviewed Disasterpeace in his documentary about the artist and you can see his setup which is a full keyboard going into laptop running logic Pro. (Negroni, 2020)

Below is one the tracks he composed for the game Hyperlight Drifter, I have played hyper Light drifter and I found the music to be a huge part of the game. I really like how he blends orchestral sound with synthetic sounds. In hyper light drifter his music helps to convey how the main character is feeling and the style blends perfectly with the 8bit style of the game.

Even though he has transitioned to be orchestral music now his chip tune days still influence his music style. I really like his style and he inspires me to continue to improve my musical and sound design skills.


Negroni, L. (2020). Interview Disasterpeace [YouTube Video]. Retrieved from

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